Monday, 22 April 2013

I'm addicted to it.

 I finally addicted to something. I never felt these way before. Feeling sooooo deeply in love with something or someone so much - except my husband. Ha-ha. 

 I was thinking if I was HER, handling the situation, what to do, what to say, what to feel about life after what had happened, its sad. I can feel it. Deeply inside my heart. The movie melts my heart away. Every word, every move, makes me feel as if I am in the movie! I read the novel and I find it even more interesting! I cried when I watch the movie but I cried harder when I read the novel. It explains more. 

 Its sad when someone you love so much, suddenly fell sick and u cant do anything about it. Its fate. HER life seems to be empty after HER soulmate, DIED. 

 SHE loves him so much. More than anything else in the world. I would like to watch the movie again. Super good. REALLY. Tak tipu okayyyy. This is the-must-watch-movie. I heart it. As for me, this is the best among the best movie I had ever seen in my life. No 1 babyyy. 

 Tak mau cakap banyak, tapi janji hampa kena tengok movie ni. Memang dah quite some time dah, agak lama dah movie ni tapi it gives me big impact, since I first watched it. I cant get over it. Dah ter save dalam memory otak aku yg selalunya, x berapa nak kuat sgt pun duk ingat benda2 ni bagai. 

 Teringin nak cakap baaaanyak lagi pasal movie ni but I'm getting sleepy. My baby girl is asleep. Takut dia terjaga pulak. I better turn off everything now. Esok kerja okayyyyy. File belambak2 nak kena susun, aku dah bosan tengokkk bilik tuu. Bosannnn betuiii nak mangkit awai jugakkk. 

Better off now buddies. Till the next blog. (Mood blogging mai balik merasuk dalam diri tapi kena tggu Nina tidoq dulu)

Assalamualaikum, good night. Kalau ada salah grammar ke haper, abaikan. Blog sambil pejam mata. Haha dah2 jom mimpi P.S. I LOVE YOU - Gerry and Holly ;)


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