Saturday, 20 August 2011

Majlis berendoi at Mar's.

  Alhamdulillah, it went good but Ranina seems to be very moody as the weather was freaking hot. Maybe she's not comfortable with the 'hotness' and she's sweating! And, the crowded people, the noises. 

  Anyway, delicious food! Yumyum. Mcm nk makan byk kali ja. Haha credit to Mar's mom (Kak Tah Katering). Raja Farah was there too with her husband. The Marhabans wore pink. 

  My husband and I wore purple while Ranina wore pink. 

Background tu mcm pelamin x? Haha ada buaian.

  And then, gang marhaban sapu bedak sejuk kt baby2 smua. And take turn to put our babies on the 'buaian'.
It was fun and memorable. Thanks to Mar for inviting :)

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