Sunday, 1 May 2011

An Interview.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

   I got an interview today. This is not what I want actually BUT I HAVE to give a shot. I really need a job under government. It’s for my future. I have to work, earn money to expense. I’m not expert in English. My grammar is not so good BUT each day I try and try to improve my English because everyone put a lot of high expectations on me. I always got good results in English but I don’t think that my English is super good. That’s why I want to put a lot of effort by reading English articles, English novels. I have to take this chance. I find that being a teacher is such a hectic job BUT if it can help me to have a better life, I’ll do it. I’ll try to be a good teacher. Btw, I love my English teacher.

   Okay, about my interview. Well, it was OKAY. I rarely speak English. I’m soooooo nervous. The first thing ‘THEY’ (a Muslim women and a Chinese man) – the interviewer today, did was ask us to answer 135 questions (if I’m not mistaken), *Ujian ini bertujuan menilai kesesuaian sahsiah calon terhadap profesion perguruan. For 30 minutes. I didn’t bring any pencils! HAHA I forgot. BUT thanks to one of the girl there that lend me a pencil and a pen. I forgot her name.

   After that, it was a group interview. It was an awkward moment when everybody didn’t say a single word at all. It was an awkward silence. After a moment, everybody started to talk.

   Then, it was an individual interview. Oh god, my heart beats fast. Dapdapdapdap. *Tingting. It’s my turn. I have to talk about myself, family. I can’t answer when she asked me, ‘Make a sentence using past continuous tense’. SILENCE. Blur gila tiba2! Lupa apa nak kata. X ingat apa2 dah bila tgk muka dia. Blur sunggoh2 ni. Adoii terok btoi. SKIP.

   She asked me to sing a song that I think suitable for primary school students. WHAT? I never sang in front of strangers before. Especially interviewer! Macam ujibakat AF la pulak! Aku balun ja. Dgn confident-nya,

‘I HAD A DREAM’ by Westlife.
I had a dream.. A song to sing.. To help me cope.. With anything.. If you see the wonder.. Of a fairytale.. You can take the future.. Even if you fail ~~

   I STOPPED. I forgot the lyrics! HAHA. After a few more questions, ‘Okay that’s it. Thank you. Nice voice!’ Wey wey wey. Aku terkejut. Abeh dah ka? Lega gilaaaa. Ingat depa nak tanya pasai isu semasa ka apa. Rukun Negara kaa. Aku punya la gelabah, cuak. Tapi takpa la, relieved!

K la, hat tu ja nk crita. Saja syok2 pulun nk crita. First experience. X penah p interview. Kalau dpt, Alhamdullilah la kan. Kalau dpt kt IPSAH tu, huu lagi style. Dekat jaa ngn rumah.

Assalamualaikum. Good day people. Good day.


  1. She asked me to sing a song that I think suitable for primary school students..

    mmg time aku bca,aku pon akn nyanyi lagu westlife tu...tgk2 bila bca ke bwh agy betul lah lgu tu yg u pilih.. mmg dejavu lah


  2. Haha chewah. Blur gila kot time tu! Thank god lagu tu mcm tiba2 ja ada dlm kpala.